Gite Management

About Not Just Painting

Not Just Painting ………………… Gite Management has started to operate this year with Judith taking care of all the worries that come with renting your property out as a holiday let for the summer months. From arranging for the cleaner, to come in before and after your guests, and to having the linen washed and ironed ready for the next holiday makers to arrive, Judith deals with it all.

Judith has spent nearly all her working life in the airline industry and has experienced all types accommodation from around the world, this has given Judith the knowledge to make your holiday let a stay you guests will remember and a place they would like to come back to year after year.

Judith can also arrange for a Welcome Pack to be in your holiday let when your guest arrive *********************, imagine you arrive, open the doors and the first thing you see is some flowers, bottle of local wine some glasses on the table “WOW” these little touches makes Judith the person you need to look after your property.

Cleaning Information

With Covid-19 in our lives cleaning has become more important than ever before to people, here is a list of the items that are being cleaned room by room for your information.


Wipe down and disinfect the outside of all the appliances, worktops, drawers, and cupboards
Clean all the utensils – run them through the dishwasher if you have one
Clean the stove
Clean hoods and vents
Wipe down the microwave inside and out
Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator
Clean the sink and sink drain
Throw out leftover food
Replace the dirty garbage bag with a clean one
Clean windows and mop the floors

Cleaning Living Rooms

Your guests will use living spaces to relax and hangout. So you should make sure they are free and uncluttered to keep your guests happy.
Dust all surfaces and polish wood furniture
Disinfect light switches and all remotes
Vacuum all sofas and under furniture
Mop hard-surface floors and vacuum all rugs
Clean away all cobwebs
Clean windows
Dust baseboards and moldings

Cleaning Bathrooms

No one would want to stay in a place with a dirty bathroom, so everything is done to ensure that yours is in excellent condition.
Sanitize and clean toilet
Clean and sanitize sinks, tub, and/or shower
Make the faucet and the mirror shine with a window cleaner
Clean tile surfaces and grout
Clear the tub/shower drain from hair or blockages
Change/launder bathroom linen

Cleaning Bedrooms

Replace the used linens of slept-in beds with fresh ones
Clear any trash
Dust all surfaces
Clean windows
Disinfect light switches or remotes
Dust/clean light fixtures/ceiling fans
Empty out all dressers and closets
Polish furniture
Vacuum under the bed for dust
Sweep or vacuum the floor

Cleaning Utility Rooms

Make sure there is no trash or lint in the dryer
Wipeout washer and dryer
Disinfect the knobs, buttons, and doors of the machines
Clean the sink and clear out sink drain
Clean windows and blinds
Refill cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and softener
Check whether laundry baskets or drying racks are clean and ready to use
Dust baseboards and moldings
Clean/vacuum floors and rugs

Any outdoor areas, you should sweep up dirt, debris, leaves, etc. so your exterior areas are neat and tidy.